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Escape from Lakshagraha ( the Wax Palace)
   Duryodhan the oldest of the Kaurava brothers was afraid that he would lose the throne to the Pandavas who were popular amongst the citizens of Hastinapur.  Duryodhan was constantly trying some evil plan or the other to get rid of his cousins. He knew that he could not challenge the Pandavas to a war since he knew the elders and the citizens would not accept that. 
Duryodhan with the help of his architect purochan devised an evil scheme to get rid of his cousins. He send them to the city of varanavat for the Shiva festival. Purochan the architect had gone ahead of them and constructed a Palace made of Jute and Ghee & Lac ( flammable Materials). The Pandavas were already alerted to this plan by their well wisher Vidura. The Pandavas were on the guard day and night. Vidura sent a special miner who dug a tunnel from under the palace to the forests.  The pandavas themselves set fire to the place and escaped unharmed.  The Kauravas rejoiced that they had gotten rid of the Pandavas ;but pretended to grieve. Pandavas disguised as Brahmins went to the city of Ekachakra. Bheema encounters Bakasura and kills him and saves the family whom they were staying with.
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