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posted Feb 14, 2015, 4:38 PM by Balvihar Teachers 5A   [ updated Aug 29, 2015, 8:47 PM by Balvihar Administrator ]
Indraprastha & Rajasuya Ceremony:

 Pandavas wed Draupadi in a grand ceremony conducted by King Drupada. News that the Pandavas are alive and have wed Draupadi reaches Hastinapur. The Kauravas are extremely disappointed, but get restrained by their gurus and rishis.  Bheeshma advises Dhritharashtra that the right thing to do is to invite the Pandavas back and give them half the kingdom. This will help them regain the faith of the citizens.

Thus the pandavas were welcomed and installed as the rulers of Indraprastha. Yudhishtir takes the throne , eventually conducts a Rajasuya ceremony proves that he is invincible.  Veda Vyaas who was present at the ceremony predicts that "Great misfortune is going to fall upon the Kuru Dynasty" and war is inevitable,
Yudhishtir is deeply affected by this prediction.