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Story of Karna
Karna was the unsung hero of Mahabharat and a very prominent character.  Karna was the first born child of Kunti who was raised by the charioteer Athiratha. Since he was a known as a charioteer's son no body accepted him as a Kshatriya even though he was one by birth. Dronacharya refused to accept Karna as his disciple stating that reason.  Karna approached sage Parashuram under the disguise of a Brahman to learn the art of using weapons and the mantras that go with it.  His disguise was uncovered by an angry Parashuram who cursed Karna that he will forget whatever he has learnt at the time of need. 
Duryodhan gives a place to Karna in his heart and in Hastinapur and Karna promises his loyalty to his friend.
Inspite of knowing that he was Kunti's first born he went on to fight on the side of the Kauravas, knowing very well that he is not on the side of Dharma. But for Karna friendship and loyalty was above everything else.
Parashuram's curse eventually comes true and Karna gets killed in the battle of Kurukshetra by Arjuna.

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