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In class last weekend, we studied the story of Dronacharya .

Drona grew up and lived in poverty. In his childhood, he met Drupada, and they became very good friends. They became such good friends that Drupada told Drona that if he ever needed help, just come find him.

Drona married Kripi and together they had a son named Ashwathama. Not being able to bear seeing Ashwathama be made fun of for his poverish conditions, Drona went to seek Drupada’s help. Drunk with power, however, Drupada refused to even recognize Drona and called him inferior. Drona promises to seek revenge.

Drona went to Parasurama after he learned he was giving away his wealth. Unluckily Parasurama had already given away all of his wealth, but did give Drona his knowledge of combat.

Drona went to Hastinapur hoping to open a school of military arts using his new knowledge. One day, he found the Kauravas and Pandavas, who were kids at the time, looking down a well. After spectacularyily  getting a ball for them, the kids ran to tell Bhishma of this amazing person. Bhishma then appointed Drona the guru of the young princes and train them in advanced military arts.

Arjuna became Drona’s favorite student and surpassed many of his expectations and became the greatest archer. In one challenge, Their was a wooden bird set up on  a tree. While the other princes noticed all of the surroundings, Arjuna only saw the eye of the bird. Drona then gave him permission to fire and he hit his target off the tree.

Drona refused to accept Ekalavya as a student because he was not of the kshatriya/warrior class. Ekalavya then hid in the forest and watched the princes practice from hiding spots and learned archery this way. When Arjuna discovered him, Ekalavya was the best archer in the world. Drona made him cut off his thumb if he wanted to be accepeted by Drona as a student. Without a thumb, his archery skill decreased a lot.

Drona asks the Kauravas to attack Drupada and capture him with the whole Hastinapur army. They fail to defeat the Panchala army, so Drona sends the Pandavas who successfully capture Drupada. Drona takes half the kingdom and nicely leaves the rest of the kingdom for Drupada.

Because Drona is bound by service to fight for Hastinapur, he has to fight against the Pandavas though he believes that they are right and Kauravas are wrong. Drona is invicible and every day he kills tens of thousands of Pandava warriors. So in order to kill him, Krishna tells Yudhisthira to tell Drona that his son, Ashwathama, is dead. They had killed an elephant named Ashwathama, therefore it was only a half-lie, but Drona doesn’t know this and stands down and begins to meditate. He is then killed by Dhristadyumna.

So goes the story of Dronacharya.

Balvihar Administrator,
Oct 18, 2013, 5:36 AM
Balvihar Administrator,
Oct 18, 2013, 5:36 AM