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Story of Karna:
 Karna was known for his valor, generousness and loyalty. Karna was in all essence an unsung Hero of the MahaBharat. Although he was the first born of Kunti and rightfully the heir to the throne of Hastinapur, he had a different fate. He was adopted by the charioteer Adhiratha and his wife and was all treated as second class, he did not receive the same Kshatriya status as his brothers - the Pandavas. Thus he did not get accepted as Drona's student.  Karna was determined to learn and master all the art of weaponry and for that he approached Parasarum disguising himself as a Brahman. Parashuram eventually finds out and curses him for deceiving him. 
Karna enters a competition with the pandavas and Kauravas for showing off their newly learned skills. He was not allowed to participate citing reasons that he wasnt a Kshatriya. Duryodhan comes forward and makes Karna the king of Anga, thus raising his status to a Kshatriya. For this Karna remains indebted and loyal to his friend Duryodhan forever.  
Karna was known as Danveer ( one who gives everything in charity) Karna . This nature of him causes him the loss of his protective gear - the Kavacha & the Kundalas ( armor & ear-ring). He fights on the side of the Kshatriyas and makes a promise to his mother Kunti that he will only engage in direct combat with Arjuna, whom he considered his equal. He assured her that Kunti will thus always have 5 sons. 

Karna was known for his valor, generousness and loyalty. 
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