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Laksha Graha - Wax Palace

 The hatred and jealousy Duryodhana had for his cousins continued to grow. He was constantly thinking of ways to get rid of his cousins. He sought advice from his uncle Shakuni . Duryodhan convinced his father and the elders to send his cousins and their mother to Varanavat for the festival of Shiva.

Duryodhan had arranged for his architect Purochan to build a "Laksha Graha" ( wax palace) using combustible materials like jute and wax for the Pandavas. The Panadavas were advised by Vidura to be on their guard. Purochan's plan was to set the lac palace on fire and make it look like an accident. Vidura send a highly skilled miner to dig a tunnel under ground . When the Pandavas got the opportunity they themselves set fire to the palace and escaped. They went to the city of Ekachakra , disguised as Brahmans and lived there. 
Duryodhan meanwhile was very happy that his plan had worked well and he had got rid of his cousins forever. 
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