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Draupadi Swayamavar

The Pandavas escaped the lac palace unscathed and lived in disguise in the city of Ekachakra. 
Drupada the king o Panchala announced the swayamvar of his beautiful daughter Draupadi. Kunti sensed that her sons wanted to go and gave them permission to do so. 
Pandavas arrived at the beautiful swayamvar ceremony where princes from all over the country had assembled. To win draupadi's hand they had to fulfil a challenging task. They had to shoot an arrow at a revolving fish on the ceiling looking at its reflection in the water. Many including Duryodhan came forward to try their luck and failed.

Arjun who was sitting amongst the Brahmans got up and was encouraged to go forward. Arjun completed his challenge with very little effort . Draupadi came forward and garlanded Arjun. The Khastriyas who had assembled were very angry that a Brahman achieved what they could not. Arjuna went home with Draupadi and announced that he had brought home something. Kunti without looking advised him to share it amongst his brothers.
Thus Draupadi ends up as the wife of all the five Pandavas. 
Drupada learns that the brahman in disguise was indeed Arjun and was extremely ha

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