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Lakshagruha ( Wax Palace):
    The plot thickens.  Duryodhan the oldest of Kauravas was trying everything to get rid of the Pandavas. Shakuni his uncle comes up with a plan to build a palace out of Jute and flammable materials and send the Pandavas for a vacation there. The idea was to set the palace on fire and eliminate the Pandavas. 
Pandavas were cautious and planned on building a tunnel under the palace without anyone's knowledge. When the palace gets set on fire, the Pandavas use the tunnel and escape to the forests.


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 Today the students learnt about the story for Karna, the unsung hero of the Mahabharat.  Karna who was born to Kunti was found abandoned floating down and river and were adopted by the charioteer of Hastinapur. No one knew his true identity, and never got the royal treatment he deserved. Due to this he suffered many set backs. Duryodhan accepts Karna as his friend when he was being insulted by the royalty. Karna promises his undying loyalty to Duryodhan.  Due to this loyalty Karna is forced to fight on the side of the Kauravas despite knowing his true identity.  Karna was one character in the Mahabharat who was greatly wronged, but he stood up to the promises he made. 


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Story of Young Pandavas;
Today the students learnt about the story of young Kunti and the special boon she gets from Durvasa. 
Dhrutharashtra & Pandu get married to Gandhari, Kunti & Madri. We learnt about the birth of Pandavas.
After the death of Pandu, young Pandavas and Kunti go back to Hastinapur.  They grow up under the care of Bheeshma and Vidur.   Kauravas did not quite like their new cousins.  They tried every opportunity to get rid of the Pandavas and thus the enemity between the cousins kept growing.


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Story of Dronacharya-
     Students continue to learn about the prominent characters in the Mahabharat . Today we learnt about the story of Dronacharya who becomes the guru of the Pandavas & Kauravas.  We learnt about Drona's childhood and his friendship with Drupada that ends up as in enemity,  Eventually Drona gets all of sage Parasuram's  knowledge on archery. He approached Bheeshma and gets himself appointed as the guru for the young princes.  Arjuna very quickly becomes his favorite student and Drona promises to make him the best archer in the world. 


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Story of Bheeshma
   Today we introduced one of the most important characters on the Mahabharat - Bheeshma.
   Students learnt about King Shantanu & Ganga who were the ancestors of Pandavas & Kauravas. We learnt about how prince Devavrat son of Shantanu  took an oath and got his name Bheeshma.  We learnt about his character, his undeterred loyalty to the throne of Hastinapur and how he sided with the Kauravas despite knowing that the Pandavas are the righteous heirs to the throne because of the oath that he took.


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Introduction to Mahabharat 

We kicked off religious unit by Introducing the Great Epic "Mahabharat".  We talked about the central theme of the Mahabharat, what the Kurukshetra war was all about and why the war had to happen although Bhagwan Krishna could easily have prevented it from happening. 
They learnt that Veda Vyasa narrated the Mahabharat while Ganesha was the scribe. The kids learnt the interesting story about how Ganesha had to cut his tusk to continue writing the Mahabharat when his quill broke. 
Students also enjoyed learning the story of Dushyanth and Shakunthala and their son Bharat who was the great ancestor to the Pandavas and Kauravas. 

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